What You Need to Know About Starting an Adult Day Care Agency


What You Need to Know About Starting an Adult Day Care Agency

Adult daycare agencies provide a professional care setting for older adults, usually, seniors with disabilities or conditions like dementia. These agencies are rising in popularity due to the services they provide, with the U.S. experiencing a 35% increase in adult day centers since 2002.

As an organization specializing in adult medical care consulting, we will discuss the steps you need to take to start an adult daycare agency:

  • Determine your local market

    Before opening up an adult day care agency, determine how many older adults reside in your area. A health care consultant can assist you with connecting with local providers of community-based services to determine the need for adult daycare services. Learn more about adult daycare.

    Before starting an adult day care agency, conduct some research about the health care sector. Reliable sources like the CDC and health care consulting services provide useful information about adult daycare centers. And this provides you with valuable insight when determining the type of services your agency will provide.

  • Know the state regulations

    The state rules and regulations are different in each state. Hence, familiarize yourself with local and statewide certification or licensing requirements. Hiring consulting services will help ensure your adult day care center complies with zoning regulations and safety codes.
    Need help starting an adult daycare center?

If so, we at Future Focus, Inc. are available to assist you. We specialize in business development guidance to help you achieve longevity and growth. Reach out to us to learn more about our services.

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