President’s Summary

Adult Day Care Consultant in Bayonne, New Jersey


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President’s Summary

President and Founder of Future Focus Inc. Joan Marie Granato wears many hats as Owner, Consultant, Educator, Advocate, Mentor and Industry Leader. She has opened, operated or consulted for over 40 adult medical day care centers and various Health Care Facilities Adult Day Care is her Passion and she believes in this service. She watched her Grandmother Archangela Benedetto lived and died in a Nursing Home and began her plight in life to develop programs to help seniors to receive care and services without living in an institution. Adult Day Care is the best kept secret. With over 150 Adult Day Care Centers in NJ and nearly 6,000 Adult Day Care Centers throughout the country, Joan Marie’s continued direction is to provide creative ways for the ADC Industry to flourish and provide needed services to seniors and the disabled communities.

She currently has owns three Adult Medical Day Care Centers in NJ, so she understands the operational component of an owner and can assist new and seasoned providers in developing successful programs.

Her involvement as the senior administrator in charge of daily operations includes facility design, market analysis, budgeting, audit, hiring, training, marketing, selection of equipment, and organizing food services, transportation and therapeutic and social program design and implementation. She has reorganized the programs of numerous troubled adult medical day care centers in a variety of ways that include renovation of the facility, reworking operations, repositioning marketing, conducting new hiring and training, as well as acting as interim senior administrator until a replacement is found. She continues to support the NJ providers with assistance in the Tele-health Program and on a National Level with the National Task Force Team to assist other States in the development of a Tele-health Program.

She has been asked by the Philippine Consulate to develop 18 Adult Day Care Programs in conjunction with their Hospitals to establish a Model Adult Day Care Program, Develop Regulations and the Survey Process.

As an Advocate and following her motto to “Give Back to the Community” throughout her career she served on the boards of a variety of healthcare industry groups. She has been President of the New Jersey Adult Day Service Association, and held Executive Board positions of the council since 2002. President of Regional Activity Professional Association, Executive Board member of New Jersey Activity Professional Association. She holds a BA from Kean University, furthered her studies at NYU and was an Adjunct Professor for the Gerontology Program for Union County College.

Joan Marie continues to develop new and innovative programs that solves a community need and enhances a facilities/provider’s sustainability, marketability and revenue stream. There are so many great projects to implement with the right type of ownership. There is a greater good we must all focus on while we are creating successful businesses. There is a mission to explore on helping those in need and taking care of those who need assistance.