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2022: NADSA Co-Chair for the Policy Advocacy Committee, also serves as a Committee Member for the Education and Membership Committees

2020: National Task Force: Tele-Health Program: Joan Marie is part of a division of the National Adult Day Service Association to assist in navigating through the newly implemented Tele-Health Program throughout the Country. She presented on the Tele-Health Program for NJ on a Webinar for NADSA 4/2020.

2020 Policy Advocacy Committee Member to assist in the overall direction of the Telehealth Program throughout the Country.

Board Member at Large 2006 – 2011 Membership Chair 2011- 2013 Member 2005-2013

Joan Marie was a Board Member at Large representing various committees for the National Board for Adult Day Care for many years. She then became the Membership Chair and assisted the board in continuous professional development. NADSA Board works as a professional team of various backgrounds and abilities that provides advisement for the future success of the Industry as well as implementation of programs, projects, research, educational components and resources for the continued advancement of Adult Day Care Businesses, Professionals, Caregivers and Clients. It is important for all of us to support our National Association through our membership contributions. NADSA continues to be a vital component the ADC Industry.

NEW JERSEY ADULT MEDICAL DAY SERVICES COALITION “ONE VOICE” Keeping the NJ Adult Day Care Industry connected through our network, updates, resources, news alerts and information on a Local, State and National Level.

This Coalition was developed by Joan Marie Granato to represent , OUR CLIENTS, OUR PROVIDERS, OUR INDUSTRY in New Jersey through Legislation, Policy Changes and ADC Advocacy for the NJ ADC Industry. Joan Marie Granato works in conjunction with a hired Lobbyist Organization to initiate new legislation in New Jersey. NJAMDSC was developed out of a need to establish a forum for a Network of Adult Day Care Providers to work together to reach common goals, network with each other, share resources and stand together on Bills in Legislation. Our Grass Roots approach will create a positive environment that identifies and justifies the continued need for ADC Services in New Jersey. JM has created a three-tiered organizational structure to encompass The Executive Team, The Strategic Planning Coalition Team and the Coalition Members. Together we will make the system work for the betterment to serve our clients, enhance creative partnerships in our communities and create a sustainable business that will continue to be an integral part of the healthcare system.


2020: As a State Strategic Task Force Leader, Joan Marie worked in conjunction with NJADSA to implement the Tele-Health Program in New Jersey for the Adult Day Care Industry.

NJADSA President

As the past President of the Association and a member of NJADSA, I was honored to be a part of the driving force in designing the future of Adult Day Care in New Jersey.  We made significant professional contributions to structure our industry and make Adult Day Care in NJ the best choice for optimal community services. We were able to create supportive relationships with local, state and federal associations, organizations, political powers and the Department of Health and Senior Services.


During my 30 years of experience in the Health Care Industry, I have developed professional relationships with many individuals from the State all in the name of providing good services.  Reputation is extremely important in the ADC Industry. I continue to uphold a professional reputation at the State level, as well as throughout the Industry.  We are fortunate in New Jersey to have top notch State professionals that lead, support and direct our industry.


President: 2021 -Present

Executive Board 2001- Present  (Served in various positions):  Legislative Chair, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary and  currently as President)

Joan Marie has served on the New Jersey Activity Professional Board since 2001. NJAPA represented over 400 members in NJ and has been the leader of all Certified Activity Professionals in the Country. Activity Professionals are extremely important to the Health Care Business by providing the Quality of Life Component to our clients, but also in Marketing and the Community Outreach efforts. Marketing brings in the clients, but Activities is what keeps them there. Support your Activity Professionals, help them get certified and understand the Therapeutic Components and value to their positions so they can better serve your clients.


Joan Marie is a National Licensed Instructor for Activity Professionals for over 25 years. She has taught the NCCAP Modular Education Program 2nd Edition for Activity Professionals. (Basic Education and Advanced Management Program.) She provides training for various Health Care Facilities in all aspects of care and services, management and leadership, marketing and activities, clinical and business related. We provide training programs for certifying educating and Activity Professionals to meet the regulatory standards. She has also presented for various organizations, training the masses on Advocacy, Activities, Management, Administration, Dementia and Adult Day Care.  She was instrumental in developing the first course specifically for Adult Day Care Activity Professionals.


As an Advocate of Seniors, the Disabled Community and Adult Day Care Services, both Social and Medical, I have rallied for the First March in Washington with NADSA for ADHS., presented to Congressmen, Senators, House Representatives, and other Political Leaders. I have presented at NADSA National Conferences on Advocacy and I continue my efforts directly in New Jersey. I will continue to assist those industry leaders, organizations and affiliates to advocate for those that need our services. It is important that we have one voice and we are clear in our stance and commitment to the industry. I also served as the Legislation Chair for NJAPA as part of Public Policy.  I always say, “Adult Day Care is the Best Kept Secret”  I have worked diligently with my Coalition and Legislative Team in New Jersey to assure that this Secret is Out!  We all need to continue to educate Legislators about our services and what we do!  We are the Best Community Option!  We Save Lives!  We Save the Government Money!  We Save Individuals from going into LTC!  We Save Caregivers from Stress!  We are a seriously needed service!


Through many years of developing forms and creating grids, programs and processes, I have designed the P.O.M. S. System.   It’s a simple way to run your center efficiently and effectively.  Increase the overall census, decrease employee turnover and become a deficiency free facility annually through my P.O.M.S. System, (Progressive Organizational Management System.) This system assists in providing professional services while decreasing your expenditures through the implementation of proper systems and continuously evaluating their effectiveness will create a dynamic service approach to the Health Care Industry. We have designed a unique operational system that creates a seamless flow of services within the structure of the departments in the business. Through our guidance facilities can implement comprehensive compliance programs, operational development and systems needed to operate an Adult Day Care with ease.


Joan Marie has completed the Health Care Compliance Certification Course with the National Compliance Academy in 2016. Her direction in compliance is to increase the overall compliance of the facility pre and post survey on an annual basis.  Managing services to improve quality services based on the needs and desires of the clients. Our Comprehensive Compliance Program has been presented at NADSA’s National Conference. The comprehensive Compliance Program I have developed over the years is the driving force for a Deficiency Free Survey. The Team is trained for Survey as a natural daily event. Survey time should be a normal day providing the clients with the overall services they expect and deserve while protecting the facilities license/certification and most of all reputation.


My Motto is “Be Survey Ready…. Everyday!”
Understanding and implementing the regulations is the key component in being ready for survey.  Although the survey occurs annually, the facility should be survey ready every day.   With proper systems in place, survey preparedness becomes a part of the overall expectations of the team. This modeling must come from the top and the top must make it a mission to make survey preparedness a priority and a daily habit.


Development a comprehensive Tri-Level Marketing Program established to create a client base and assist in gaining positive recognition, awareness and relationships within the communities.

We implement a strategic marketing plan that incorporates the community for continuous marketing services.  Establishing on-going supportive relationships that increase the overall annual census is essential to success. Our unique TRI-LEVEL Marketing Program truly works…Our program creates three different levels of community outreach, branding and direct marketing that assists facilities in developing a continuous awareness in their community to support their facilities admissions. There are a multitude of components and sub-divisions of each Phase that are a part of the greater design and details of the Strategic Tri-Level Marketing Plan.


There are many levels to the Health Care team, professional and non-professional.  It is crucial to make employees feel that their role is an important part of the team.  We develop a team of Universal Workers. We all have our own job tasks to do, but for optimal services, sometimes we need to assist in other job areas. We train our teams to do what is necessary within legal and regulatory boundaries to make the service work. We find that this approach works in Adult Day Care because we often have a limited number of employees and the show must go on…. Our team members are often glad to pitch in and help.


Your employees are the key to the success of your business! If your employees are happy, then your clients will be happy! Creating an intrinsic motivational environment for professional employees to remain in their positions for a longer duration then the average AMDCC.  Creating happy employees that enjoy their work and strive to make the business a success and are fully supported, emotionally, physically and environmentally.


Throughout Joan Marie’s career she has researched, developed, initiated and carried through many grants for different non-profit facilities. She has received (2) $250.000.00 grants in New York City and 3 (100.000.00) grants, and many grants in the range of $5,000 – $50,000. As the grant manager, she would make identified grant matches, speak directly to the grantees, write the comprehensive grant, develop a target project and implement the operations to integrate the grant into the facility structure. She would develop teams, train managers and educated family, residents and staff about the grant. To further develop the project, she would create a dissemination plan.

Grant Writing: Developed, designed and implemented:
The Night Club 250K Standing In Motion 250K Like Being Home 150K Outside In 60K Medicare Part D 24K Community Entertainment Program 20K


As an expert and advocate of the Adult Day Care Industry I have served as an expert witness in the court of law between facilities in order to bring justice and awareness of the industry, standards, policy and procedures and regulations, both State and Federal.


Lead Consultant for the “At Home with The Arts Program” In House Therapeutic Recreation and Education Program for Caregivers and Alzheimer’s Victims. Through our dynamic team of we created a resource book for professionals. The bases of this program were to offer families, caregivers and the patient with Alzheimer’s Disease or related Dementia Diagnosis a weekly program of Therapeutic Activities, Educational Session, Family Interventions and Caregiver Support through a variety of Activity Programs.

Joan Marie and a group of Professionals who sit on the Advisory Board are developing a project for individuals with Alzheimer’s and Dementia called “The Club”. It will be a pilot program  and then will be packaged for Adult Day Care Centers across the country to utilize their space for a Community Partnership.


Alzheimer’s Association developed a program called, At Home with The Arts Program using myself as the lead therapist in compiling analytical data and research in regards to this program.
As a therapist, I provided an in-home session on a weekly basis to clients with dementia and their caregivers. The program consisted of direct therapeutic recreation interventions, educational sessions, training, care planning and overall family interaction.


I always tell my students, you can’t remember everything, just make sure you remember your resources. Over the years, I have developed a plethora of resources, contacts, associates, affiliates that assist me in developing and sustaining an Adult Day Care Program.
Decreasing the overall expenditures of acquiring significant resources for the facilities operation by maintaining relationships with service providers as well as being privy to our extensive research on products and services.


Joan Marie’s focus has been on the Developmentally Disabled population for over 20 years initiating various specialized program to meet the needs of the clients clinically, medically and psychosocially…

In New York she had developed an alliance with MOTC, Manhattan Occupational Training Center, providing prevocational training and supportive employment to the Developmentally Disabled populations utilizing the Village Center for Care as the home base for service. She has also developed a Therapeutic Recreation Program for TBI, for the NY Head Injury Foundation for all 5 boroughs of New York.

In New Jersey, she has initiated specialized programs with affiliations from Partnerships for People and CAU, Community Access Unlimited, Family Support Center of New Jersey and the Epilepsy Association, along with various other services provided to the Developmentally and Physically Disabled population.

DAY HABILITATION AND SUPPORTIVE SERVICES: Joan Marie assists Adult Day Care Providers and non-providers to develop Day Habilitation Programs to service the Developmentally Disabled Community in a Day program setting. JM can assist in establishing various other credentialed programs for the organization through DDD for alternative services.


Joan Marie has developed the 1st Support Coordinators Network in New Jersey. Through this Network group, Support Coordinators who are in charge with the DD clients overall service plan come together to network, share resources, identify changes in regulations and help each other to navigate through the DDD system.