Continuity of Service

The Overall Value in Working with Future Focus, Inc.

National Adult Day Service Association: The NADSA Board works as a professional team of various backgrounds and abilities that provides advisement for the future success of the Industry as well as implementation of programs, projects, research, educational components and resources for the continued advancement of Adult Day Care Businesses, Professionals, Caregivers and Clients. As an Advocate for Adult Medical Day Care I continue to be effectively involved in NADSA on a variety of committees. For many years I was appointed the Membership Chair and a Board Member at Large representing the National Board for Adult Day Care.

Past President of New Jersey Adult Day Service Association: As the President of the Association and a member I was honored to be part of the driving force in designing the future of Day Care in New Jersey. I dedicated my time and efforts for many years to represent the members, their businesses and participants through education, public advocacy, and community awareness with a strong Executive Board. Through my terms as President, I established relationships with local, state and federal associations, organizations, and political leaders, the Department of Community Affairs and the Department of Health and Senior Services.

The Department of Health and Senior Services: During my 30 years of experience in the Health Care Industry, I have developed professional relationships with many individuals from the State all in the name of providing good services. My reputation is highly regarded at the State level, as well as throughout the Industry. I also value those at the Department of Health that provide advisement, direction and advocacy for AMDC and its participants.

Politics and Advocacy: As an Advocate of Adult Day Care Services, both Social and Medical, I have rallied for the First March in Washington for Adult Day Services and presented to Congressmen, Senators, House Representatives, and other Political Leaders. We continue to represent New Jersey each year in Washington. At the local level, I meet on a monthly basis various leaders of the Community to provide continues awareness and advocacy for Adult Day Care.

High End Quality Services: Increase the overall census annually by providing superb services while decreasing your expenditures. Implementing proper systems and continuously evaluating their effectiveness will create a dynamic service approach to the Health Care Industry.

Community Marketing Infiltration: Implementing a strategic marketing plan that incorporates the community for continuous marketing services. Establishing on-going supportive relationships that increase the overall annual census is essential to success.

Seamless Health Care Enterprise: Designing a unique operational system that creates a seamless flow of services within the structure of the departments in the business.

Continued Quality Compliance: Increase the overall compliance of the facility pre and post survey on an annual basis. Managing services to improve quality services based on the needs and desires of the clients.

Survey Preparedness: Understanding and implementing the regulations is the key component in being ready for survey. Although the survey occurs annually, the facility should be survey ready every day. With proper systems in place, survey preparedness becomes a part of the overall expectations of the team.

Employee Containment: Creating an intrinsic motivational environment for professional employees to remain in their positions for a longer duration then the average AMDCC. Creating happy employees that enjoy their work and strive to make the business a success and are fully supported, emotionally, physically and environmentally.

Team Building: There are many levels to the Health Care team, professional and non-professional. It is crucial to make employees feel that their role is an important part of the team.

Coordinated Resources for Services: Decreasing the overall expenditures of acquiring significant resources for the facilities operation by maintaining relationships with service providers as well as being privy to our extensive research on products and services.

Train the Trainer: Joan Marie is a National Instructor for NCCAP and provides training for various Health Care Facilities in all aspects of care and services, management and leadership, marketing and activities, clinical and business related. She has presented for various organizations, training the masses on Advocacy, Activities, Management, Administration, Dementia and Adult Day Care.