Business History

Future Focus Incorporated in 1996 as a Consulting Company that provides an array of consulting and educational services to various healthcare organizations. Through education and consultation, their primary focus is on the Senior Service Communities in Long Term Care.

Through the years of advocacy for seniors and the disabled communities, Future Focus main purpose is a service provider that starts up and operates adult medical day care programs.
It has nearly 30 years of experience in long-term senior healthcare. It has provided adult medical day care services to a wide range of racial and ethnic groups including American Caucasians, African Americans and the Hispanic, Russian, Korean, Polish, Chinese, Egyptian, Indian and Pakistani communities. It provides an array of related healthcare consulting services. They include micro-market analysis, facilities design, program design and implementation for a broad array of adult and senior’s needs including developmental disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease, psychiatric disorders, substance abuse and addictive disorders. It is directly involved in New Jersey’s regulation of the adult medical day care industry through the efforts of Future Focus’s President who is also has been the past President of the New Jersey Adult Day Service Association and on the Board of the National Adult Day Services Association.

When “SANDY” hit New Jersey, Future Focus Inc. became involved in Tri-Generation, COGEN, partnering with a company that provides power, energy, cooling and heating with a backup generator to health care and other facilities that are responsible for the well being of seniors and the disabled communities. In 2014 Future Focus created another arm for its companies purpose to assure that these communities are safe during crisis situations.

Future Focus Inc. continues to provide educational presentations as a speaker for various organizations as well as providing the M.E.P.A.P. Courses for Activity Professionals. Future Focus Inc. believes that “Knowledge is Potential Power”, through educational development, students learn to understand the importance of utilizing knowledge for experiential growth.