Learning the Law: What Is HRRP?


Learning the Law: What Is HRRP?

Every business should have working knowledge on the legal matters that affect them. For those in healthcare, understanding the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program or HRRP can help them make better decisions in designing and providing care.

To contribute to the national goal of improving health care for Americans, HRRP links the payment to the quality of hospital care. As a Medicare value-based purchasing program, hospitals are encouraged to improve their care through better communication and care coordination for the patients and caregivers. With a better quality of care, hospital readmissions are seen to decrease as evidence of improved care quality.

This legislation provides good encouragement for healthcare businesses to improve on their service, as it benefits the patient, their families, and the caregivers. Additionally, government resources can be further allocated to more beneficiaries.

As a control, HRRP reduces payouts to care facilities with reported high readmissions rates. Note, however, that there are exemptions made for specific conditions, such as heart failure, pneumonia, and others.

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